About Us

Petcaii Recruitment Agency is committed to meeting the full employment needs of individuals and businesses. We achieve this by providing a tailored service according to your specific requirements.

Service Model

Our service model is based around dedicated recruitment practices that are focused on delivering a first class service second to none. This expert approach ensures an in-depth understanding of our clients’ requirements together with swift and accurate matching of ‘best-fit’ candidates.

Saving on school’s budget

• Petcaii Agency will help to reduce the cost of schools’ budgets. Petcaii will allow schools to be part of the day to day decisions on cutting cost and this could include negotiations on the day to day charge as well as the remuneration fees.

• We aim to save you as much as 30% of your usual supply agency cost. With the impact of brexit and government cuts, we are willing to visit your school, look at your current spending and with you reduce the amount you pay to your agency. We see you as being part and parcel of the company, Petcaii Recruitment Agency for teachers and since profit is not one of our major focus, then we are most able to make this happen. Making our participant schools a part of our decision making is at the heart of our business plan. The team will be prepared to meet with your business managers or HR where we will listen to your suggestions and recommendations. Petcaii will examine and work around your financial positions with the aim of saving you money and beat whatever your current agency offers. Whatever the charge, it will be tailored to your budget, and subsequently significantly reducing your spending cost.

• With our plan, the schools’ main focus will be to pay our teachers. We will be able to afford this since our main focus will not be to gain profit. Reason for this includes the founder’s passion for education since he himself is a teacher and he sincerely cares to make this model works. Where profits are made he hopes to use some of the profit to help children with their further education cost and therefore the company prides itself as a company that aims to put back into the community; and rightfully so. With this model the advantages and gains can never be denied.

• Petcaii will initially work for London schools and will later branch out to the rest of the UK. The company will focus on PRU’s, Academies, City technology Colleges, free schools – mainstream, Foundation schools, Community Schools and Primary schools so please feel free to register with us today.


• Candidates are carefully vetted. All candidates are interviewed face to face and their original documents are evaluated to ensure authenticity. Other agencies such as DFES also ensures authenticity. Once all the boxes are ticked and registration is concluded our team will work with every candidate and place them in schools. Every candidate will have access to the portal likewise the schools’; that is the business managers and head teachers who will have access to the candidates’ profiles. This way, you will have the comfort of knowing that there is complete trust, efficiency and security.

• Petcaii Recruitment for teachers will guarantee day to day work, permanent and fixed term contract roles.

• Whether you are a candidate or a client, Petcaii will make you take charge, even with how the company runs its business. As a school looking for cover or a teacher looking for a placement we will ensure efficiency and that only the best works for you. Register now.